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Since Australia made the important decision to introduce marriage equality in Australia on 9 December 2017, same sex couples now enjoy the same legal right to marry as everyone else. This also means they can divorce or annul a marriage and end the legal relationship of the parties.

It is an exciting time but one which may require same-sex couples to take another look at the legal agreements they have in place around their relationship.

De Saxe O’Neill as a law firm have acted as same-sex marriage lawyers and for couples in de-facto same-sex relationships, before and after same-sex marriage was made legal. We can offer the following services:

Divorce or relationship breakdown

When a same-sex marriage or relationship breaks down, it is just as important to engage a good law firm with knowledge of family law to navigate issues such as property settlement, child custody and heading to family court.

Transitioning to legal marriage

Marriage equality has also brought up a whole host of legal issues for couples in ongoing relationships. Transitioning to this new era can require the help of a lawyer, for example, transferring binding financial agreements that were put in place before same-sex marriage was legal, and updating other essential documents such as wills, powers of attorney and parenting agreements.

Overseas marriages

Since same-sex marriage was made legal, marriages that took place overseas are now recognised in Australia. De Saxe O’Neill can advise same-sex couples who were married overseas on their legal status and the necessary documentation.


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